Our Services

As a premier performance improvement company, Scher Group is in the forefront in assisting organizations to recognize knowledge, performance, and emotional maturity gaps. By combining proven consulting methods, e-learning technology, instructional design, and project management, Scher Group has earned a reputation as a results-driven, full service performance solutions company helping today’s businesses reach their fullest potential.

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Specialized Learning

What is the basis of our specialized training? Scher Group Learning maintains an unchallenged expertise in training, based on years of experience with Fortune 100 clients and untold thousands of managers trained. Blended learning opportunities provide clients with course development, live facilitation, learning management systems, collaborative knowledge tools, and one of the most extensive menus of web-based training, all founded on the strongest content from our legion of the world's leading subject matter experts.

With our unique blended interactive, your people can take courses in segments, or all at once. Through our e-Learning tools they can take them day or night, at home or at work. They can take them as many times as needed, and they can refer back to the course materials anytime.

With our automatic and seamless administration, all timing and progress is tracked and delivered to you in easy-to-read management reports.

At Scher Group Learning, we’ve done all the work for you. You get the largest course menu, the best content developed by leading experts and instructional designers, and it’s easy. You get total control, the most exacting and efficient training, and all at powerful savings to your budget.

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Online Communities

How do Collaborative Knowledge Communities work? Scher Group builds online Collaborative Knowledge Communities (CKCs) to bring top-quality training and best-practices resources to small business owners, managers and their staff.

Scher Group can quickly and cost-effectively integrate any of our online services into your existing website or company network.

By hosting the course ware, testing, administration, collaborative software and other resource-demanding components at our company-owned and maintained onsite server facility, your existing resources aren’t overburdened with additional hardware and IT overhead.

Several Scher Group initiatives at industry-specific online communities devoted to training, performance and process improvement and information exchange are in development. Let us know if you are interested in participating.

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Workplace Compliance

What makes compliance training so important? Workplace Compliance Training Services was formed in response to demands from professional service firms, who agreed that information currently available fails to adequately prepare companies for the rapid introduction and changes of complex and potentially threatening legislation and governmental regulations they face.

Help your employees help you – maintain a safe and respectful work environment, avoid potentially dangerous or litigious situations at work, and maintain the high standards of quality you have established. In fact, Workplace Compliance Training Services will help you raise the bar by enhancing your employees’ understanding of often complex issues.

Workplace Compliance Training Services is a flexible educational program that will equip companies of any size with the knowledge they need to comply with increasingly complicated, frequently changing regulations concerning workplace safety, harassment on the job, and creating a fair and respectful working environment for all employees.

Got a workplace compliance issue you’d like to discuss. Select visit site to connect with Workplace Compliance Training Services.

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Customer Sustainment

Does having a strong brand ensure customer loyalty? Companies need to differentiate between customers. They need to look beyond superficial loyalty statistics to understand what truly creates long term loyalty. There is a cause and effect relationship between employee loyalty and customer loyalty.

The only way to achieve sustainable improvements in performance is by building sustainable improvements in value creation. Once the organization recognizes the long term economics of customer loyalty, Scher Group works with company personnel to design custom programs that promote zero defects, another ingredient of strong customer loyalty. Scher Group delivers models to assist companies in the following:

  • Assisting the company in acquisition of the most profitable and potentially loyal customers

  • Assistance in development and delivery of superior customer value programs

  • Assistance in selection, development and retention of top producers

  • Development of the business model and ongoing attention to assure that dealers reinvest the capital to increase the dealers value-creation potential

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Dealers group

A legacy of performance improvement for nearly 20 years. Scher Group's presence and growth in the automotive segment propelled the launch of a special division, Dealers Group Ltd., a performance improvement company that began serving the needs of the automotive industry in 1994.

Automotive offerings focus on the retail dealer segment and include products that range from commercial sales to RentPlus.

RentPlus is a rental program that offers automotive dealers the experience and training they need to grow their rental fleet, improve profits, and increase employee productivity. RentPlus assists in developing strategic plans, provides live training, financial analysis, marketing initiatives and customized reporting functions. The RentPlus team at Dealers Group Ltd. has developed extensive relationships with major automotive companies and has the necessary experience and expertise to help a dealer enhance their rental business. There are numerous participating dealers from all 50 states.

Want to discuss an automotive performance challenge? Select visit site and you’ll find more details about Dealers Group offerings.